New Website

Yay, I now have a new website.

Please bear with me, while I upload and edit it, and make it pretty.

I will delete this one soon and play catch up uploading loads of stitchy progress, that I’ve not added. Here’s the link so you can go and join and subscribe.

Shazie In Stitches


Tulips – Gold Magazine 153

I’m trying a different way of doing things, I’m not sure this will work but I thought I would add my stitched commissions for the magazines on their own page, so you can see how I stitched the piece.

Go to the tulip page.

Let me know if this is a good idea.

Surprise Packet

I got a surprise packet last Saturday.

5 pieces of my commission Stitching that I stitched for the magazine last year/early part of this year.

Made my Christmas receiving them back.

After a quick iron, they went straight on my wall. I have smiled every time I look up from stitching.

I just love my cat doorstop.

I filled him with about 1-1.5kg of dried rice in a bag and then had the task of stuffing him with toy stuff.

He is now sat on my Lowery frame base to help to prevent the stand moving/falling over when a weight is put on it. 😁